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  • Stainless Steel Insulated Truck Box for Seafood Transportation

    Stainless steel insulated truck box for seafood transportation High bright and smooth surface panel, strong truck body structure, and long service life. Reefer truck body


    • Product Details

    Product Description
    Stainless steel insulated truck box for seafood transportation
    High bright and smooth surface panel, strong truck body structure, and long service life. Reefer truck body



    Stainless steel insulated truck box for seafood transportation

    Truck Type

    Isuzu, FAW, Dongfeng, JAC, Foton and so on


    FRP sandwish PU/XPS panel

    PU/XPS Density



    Length 2-10m, Width 1-10m, Height 1-10m

    Door Locks

    304 stainless steel

    Door Frame

    1.5mm stainless steel


    Reinforced Floor Covered With Anti-Slip FRP Flooring, Aluminum Checkered Plate, Stainless Steel Sheet Are Optional


     fiberglass sandwish polyurethane/XPS

    Ceiling Light Quantity

    1 Set of LED

    Thickness of  Panel

    40mm, 52mm, 62mm, 72mm, 82mm, 102mm or as requested

    Thickness of  FRP


    Side Door


    Rear Door Frame

    double open assembled stainless steel door frame


    painted Z -Steel

    Door Seal

    EPDM ruber door seal

    Refrigeration Unit



    -18°C ~ +25°C


    Unique Features of DONCOO Refrigerated Truck Body
    1.DONCOO Fibreglass Truck Bodies are manufacture using an excellent quality high gloss white fibreglass insulated panel.
    2.All our truck body sub frames are constructed using a high quality galvanised plate.
    3.Food grade 304 stainless steel internal, stainless steel checkered floor, non-corrosion, non-pollution,anti-brine,acid and soda-resisting.
    4.Increasing oxygen pump and diesel are optional. All the panels are strengthened with embedded part and pipeline.
    5.INSULATION - There's insulation, then there's POLYURETHANE foam insulation that goes the extra mile to prevent infiltration of heat in even the hottest environments. Side and rear ruber door seal help to maintain the right temperature, regardless of the temperature outside.
    6.We are happy to work with our customers to designed & built the truck bodies to suit the individual customers requirements, we can offer a range of accessories including partition walls, Air Flow flooring, non-slip fibreglass or stainless steel or aluminum, meat hanging rails, tool boxes, tail loaders and many more.
    7.Doncoo insulated truck panel in CKD are easy quick to assemble, professional technical guidance will be provided.

    How to place an order
    We always seek for clarity and simplicity while working with our clients. Over the years of experience in our market we managed to create simple but effective proccess for ordering our isothermal bodies.

    Step 1: Purchase inquiry & Evaluation
    After receiving a purchase inquiry, we evaluate primary information and needs of customer's request.

    Step 2: Clarification of details
    We and the customer discuss all necessary details, specific needs to provide the best possible solution.

    Step 3: Design drawing, specification and offer
    We prepare design drawing, specification and the final offer.

    Step 4: Contract
    Contract covering all details including payment and delivery time is signed between us and customer.

    Step 5: Production
    We start the production. It usually takes approximately 6 weeks. It could take longer if product is highly nonstandard or customer wants us to take care of mounting, homologation and ATP.

    Step 6: Delivery
    Customer receives our isothermal body ready for use.


    If you have any trouble finding the right solution for your needs, please feel free to contact us.

    Doncoo Machinery is an ISO 9001 certified company specialized in offering high quality stainless steel insulated truck box for seafood transportation made in China. As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of various refrigeration products in China, we can also offer the customized services. Please rest assured to buy the refrigeration products from our factory.

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