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    Unit Can Give Us Some Advice Dec 23, 2016

    (1) follow the cold storage compartment size to select: use separate units or independent units, generally 6 meters above the box body for independent units, independent units can be determined according to the length of the CAB size, less than 6 meters below the cab should use non-independent unit, box here means to achieve temperature-10 ℃.

    (2) goods shipped under refrigerated vehicles temperature requirements: use cryogenic unit or storage units, from the deep cold for you on the price, storage units are relatively inexpensive for cheap fresh units, unit itself does not have a very good effect, even though some cold storage unit claims to be able to reach more than 10 degrees below zero, is a figure of speech.

    (3) select based on reefer distribution requirements: such as refrigerated trucks for city point-by-point distribution of ice cream, then be sure to select the storage type refrigeration units or independent units, only long distance or local distribution point by far the interval only fan-refrigerating unit.

    (4) according to origin and brands of refrigerators: selection of imported or domestically produced brands.