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    Transport Refrigeration Units Working Principle Oct 18, 2017

    Transport Refrigeration Units working principle

    Chiller, chiller, chiller, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, Refrigeration, the refrigeration compressor water heat exchanger within the low-pressure low-temperature refrigerant (R22) suction and cylinder, through the compressor work, so that the pressure is not high pressure and temperature of the gas into the condenser, high temperature and pressure The refrigerant gas exchanges heat with the cooling medium water, transfers the heat to the water,

    And the refrigerant gas condenses into a high-pressure liquid. The high pressure liquid is throttled into the evaporator. In the steamer, the low-pressure liquid refrigerant vaporizes and absorbs the heat of the intervening medium (refrigerant water), so that the cooling water cools down and becomes the required low-temperature water. The cryogenic refrigerant gas after vaporization in the water heat exchanger is compressed by the compressor, so that the cycle is repeated and the cold water is continuously circulated.

    The high-temperature gaseous refrigerant entering the condensing coil passes through the coil wall and carries out heat exchange with the outside of the coil and the air, and the temperature of the refrigerant gas decreases as the time in the tube lengthens and gradually changes from the gaseous state to the liquid state. With a fan of super wind, so that full coverage of the spray water on the outer surface of the coil, thereby improving the heat transfer efficiency. Ultra-low temperature freezer spray water and air to absorb the heat of the coil wall after the temperature rise, part of the water from the liquid into a gaseous, take away a lot of heat on the wall, hot and humid air is blocked by the introduction of water In the exchange layer, hot air is discharged. PVC hot exchange layer of water is flowing through the new air cooling, the temperature decreases, into the sump, and then by the pump into the sprinkler system, continue to cycle. The amount of water lost to the air is automatically adjusted by the water level control unit.

    Single - stage refrigeration cycle

    Single-stage refrigerators are widely used as a class of refrigerators, which can be used in ice making, air conditioning, food refrigeration and industrial production processes and so on. Single-stage refrigeration cycle is the refrigerant in the refrigeration system have been compressed, condensed, throttling, evaporation of the four processes, they completed a single-stage refrigerator cycle, ultra-low temperature refrigerator that is to achieve the purpose of cooling.

    Refrigeration system consists of evaporator, single-stage compressor, oil separator, condenser, ammonia device, ammonia separator, throttle and other ancillary equipment, etc., through the pipe connected into a closed system. Wherein the evaporator is a device for transporting the cooling capacity, and the liquid refrigerant evaporates to absorb the heat of the cooled object; the oil separator is used for settling the oil in the compressed refrigerant vapor; the compressor is the heart of the system, Inhalation, compression and transportation of refrigerant vapor; ammonia separator is an important auxiliary equipment in the ammonia gravity supply system; the condenser condenses the high temperature refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor into a saturated liquid; the ammonia storage device is used to store the condenser Condensing the refrigerant ammonia and regulating the supply and demand of the refrigerant ammonia between the condenser and the evaporator; the throttle valve acts as a throttling and lowering force on the refrigerant while controlling and regulating the flow rate of the refrigerant liquid flowing into the evaporator, And the system is divided into high-pressure side and low-pressure side of the two parts.