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    Transport Refrigeration Units There Are Two Commonly Used Methods Jul 28, 2017

    Transport Refrigeration Units There are two commonly used methods

    Transport refrigeration unit can be prepared 1-4 ℃ chilled water

    At present, in the milk, beverage and other industries, often need to provide 1-4 ℃ for the production line chilled water. Because the temperature of frozen water at 1-4 ℃ near the freezing point of water 0 ℃, it is prone to icing phenomenon, which is very dangerous, one will destroy the evaporator, and secondly due to evaporator ice heat transfer can not be timely The chilled water temperature drops to 1-4 ° C for production.

    Preparation of frozen water at 1-4 ℃ There are two commonly used methods:

    A, the use of ammonia as refrigerant, open steel pipe for the evaporator ammonia refrigeration system;

    B, the use of freon as refrigerant, ethylene glycol as refrigerant, shell and tube heat exchanger for the heat exchanger equipment freon refrigeration system.

    According to the actual use, A program ammonia refrigeration system due to the use of open pipe for the evaporator, ammonia cooling is through the chilled water flowing through the evaporator when passed to the chilled water, in this process the water flow rate is too small, even if the installation of stirrer , The chilled water flow rate is also difficult to control and the distribution is very uneven, so often open steel pipe evaporator surface icing and water temperature is difficult to drop to the design value. At the same time, the use of a long time after the steel pipe evaporator was chilled water corrosion leakage phenomenon. As the open steel pipe surface icing, although it will not damage the open pipe evaporator, but the ammonia can not be passed in time to chilled water, after a long time will lead to compressor unloading or even alarm, more serious when the liquid compression Destroy the compressor, can not meet the production needs.

    B program using freon as refrigerant, ethylene glycol as refrigerant, increase shell and tube heat exchanger. At the time of installation, ethylene glycol wallet side, chilled water. As the water system using a circulating pump forced heat transfer, and chilled water to the tube, so chilled water flow fast, stable, no dead ends, can prevent the phenomenon of icing. On the other hand, due to the increase in the refrigerant, so freon evaporation temperature is lower -10 ℃, so this freon refrigeration system energy efficiency is relatively low, but can be prepared 1-2 ℃ chilled water. So the program is suitable for the need to provide 1-2 ℃ chilled water occasions.

    In recent decades, Freon R22 chillers have developed rapidly, because of its use of shell and tube dry evaporator, the general chilled water outlet temperature of 7 ℃, low 5 ℃, does not meet the requirements of 1-4 ℃ chilled water. However, due to the ammonia refrigeration system, the above problems, and ammonia flammable, explosive, toxic and other characteristics and ammonia leakage and other issues, so more and more customers to reconsider the use of freon to directly prepare chilled water. Treatment of ice water quality

    Water softening, the use of chillers in the process, but also a problem can not be ignored, the PH value of the water also need to continue to observe, PH value should be equal to 7, more than 7 PH value will produce terrible corrosion, Take measures, will be in the evaporator, mold within the scale, will play the role of heat, serious, so that the energy conversion effect reduced by 30%. It is clear that this requires consideration of softening of hard water. An effective method can be used in the system to configure an electronic hard water softener, such a softener is designed to ion exchange principle. According to the different flow can be configured with different specifications of the softener, directly connected to the circulating water pipeline, the general configuration of the water treatment softener costs are not too high, can also be regularly added to the circulation system to a certain proportion of detergents The.