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    Transport Refrigeration Units The Crew Consists Mainly Of Aug 10, 2017

    Transport Refrigeration Units The crew consists mainly of

    What is the structure of the refrigerated truck refrigeration unit? Compression refrigeration unit mainly by the refrigeration compressor, condenser, throttle (or expansion valve) and evaporator and other components.

        These devices are assembled together, the volume is very small. Among them, the compressor for the refrigerated truck cooling unit of the host, the evaporator from the low-pressure refrigerant gas through the piston compression, a high temperature and high pressure gas, discharged to the condenser, the gas in the condensed gas liquefaction. It can be seen that the role of the compressor is constantly from the evaporator inhalation of refrigerant gas, and constantly evaporative compression of the refrigerant into the condenser, while maintaining the suction and exhaust end of the pressure difference, driving the refrigerant in the closed system According to a direction of non-stop circulation, and with other refrigerated trucks refrigeration unit to complete the main components of phase change.

        Refrigeration is the heat exchanger is a heat exchanger, often using water or air as a cooling medium, so that the heat evaporated by the refrigerant to the cooling water or air, so that high temperature and high pressure refrigerant vapor, a certain pressure under the condensation Into a liquid. Refrigeration insulation car in the cold chain logistics transport development, because of its convenient, the role is very important. This is inseparable from its good performance. So what are the characteristics of it?

        Sealing: Because the cold insulation car has a strict seal, it can reduce the heat exchange of goods and the outside world, thus ensuring a low temperature inside the refrigerator.

        Refrigeration: The installation of refrigeration equipment, refrigerators can be refrigerated to provide a steady stream of refrigerators, thus ensuring the container temperature within the allowable range of the goods. Its heat insulation also effectively reduces the heat alternation.

        Lightness: Because the goods transported by the van can not be stored for a long time, so the light of the refrigerated trucks can be quickly delivered to the destination. Frozen insulation in recent years, the rapid development of its future development prospects are also worth looking forward to. So what are the factors that promote its rapid development? Listen to Xiao Bian talk about it!

        With the development of electricity business, because of high cost and convenience, online food has become a trendy. Many enterprises to invest in fresh electricity business, looking for sources, buy cold storage car or cold chain logistics with the cold chain to promote the development of logistics.

        Food safety issues, more and more attention, many cities have also introduced a mandatory storage of refrigerated insulation vehicles to encourage enterprises to update refrigerated trucks. Policy support also vigorously promoted the development of insulation vehicles.

        Van refrigerated trucks are mainly used in food transport, because food production or transportation enterprises know that food quality is the core of its competition, and therefore willing to invest funds to purchase refrigerated trucks to implement delivery.