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    Transport Refrigeration Units Keep Clean Sep 04, 2017

    Transport Refrigeration Units Keep clean

    How to adjust the temperature of refrigerated car in refrigerating unit of refrigerating unit

    1. Keep the carriage clean and hygienic

    Need to keep clean when food transportation, vehicle maintenance refrigeration unit production sales manufacturers pointed out such as salt, fat, on the wall or the door attached to the car, not only pollute, also corrosion cars, shorten the service life of the small refrigerator car, please pay attention to keep the car clean sanitation.

    Pay special attention when handling fruits and vegetables

    Vegetable fruit and other goods can produce respiratory heat, if the air circulation is not smooth, the middle part of the car will rise. It affects the quality of the goods. In addition, the goods close to the cold air outlet are easy to cause frostbite due to air conditioner, which can be protected by cover cloth.

    The loading of the goods should be carried out promptly

    When the cold door opens, the air outside will flow and the temperature will rise inside the car. The loading and unloading of goods should be carried out rapidly to reduce the temperature rise in the body, while at the time of loading and unloading, please stop the operation of the refrigerating unit.

    4. Ensure the smooth circulation of air conditioning when loading and unloading cargo.

    In order to keep the goods in uniform temperature in the carriage, the air inlet and outlet of the air can not be piled up, and the circulation of the air must be taken care of when piling up the goods. Car refrigerating unit maintenance manufacturers point out that the goods can't be piled up to the roof.

    5. The goods should be pre-cooled before loading

    Refrigerating units are usually used to keep the goods in proper temperature during transportation. Please pre-cool the goods and carriages in advance, so as to reduce them to suitable transportation temperature. King of cold accessories production and sales of manufacturers of goods shall not apply in car refrigerator cooling or freezing, if the temperature is high or the goods carriage cold storage temperature under the condition of high loading and unloading of goods, it will be hard to make it to the appropriate temperature.