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    Transport Refrigeration Units Introduction To Refrigeration Systems May 26, 2017

      Transport Refrigeration Units Refrigeration is refrigeration, also known as freezing, the object temperature is reduced to or maintained below the natural environment temperature. There are two ways to achieve refrigeration, one is natural cooling, one artificial refrigeration. Natural cooling The use of natural ice or deep well water to cool objects, but its cooling capacity (that is, from the cooled objects to take away the heat) and the possible cooling temperature is often unable to meet the production needs. Natural cooling is a heat transfer process. Artificial refrigeration is the use of refrigeration equipment to join the energy, so that heat from low temperature objects to high temperature objects transferred to a thermodynamic process of the unit operation.

      Transport Refrigeration Units Refrigeration is a science and technology that minimizes the temperature of a space or object below the ambient temperature and remains at a defined low temperature. It continues to evolve as people demand for low temperatures and improve social productivity.

      Refrigeration is to make a space or an object below its ambient temperature of the medium, and to maintain this low temperature process. (Refrigeration technology and application)

      Transport Refrigeration Units The refrigeration system consists of four basic parts, the compressor, the condenser, the throttling part and the evaporator. By the copper tube will be four pieces in a certain order to connect into a closed system, the system filled with a certain amount of refrigerant. General air conditioning refrigerant for the freon, in the past is usually used in the R22, some air conditioning freon has adopted a new environmentally friendly refrigerant R407. The above is a steam compression refrigeration system. In the case of refrigeration, the compressor draws the low temperature and low pressure freon gas from the evaporator into a high temperature and high pressure freon gas and then flows through a thermostatic expansion valve (capillary) to reduce the low temperature and low pressure freon vapor-liquid two-phase object , And then low-temperature low-pressure freon liquid in the evaporator to absorb the heat from the indoor air to become low-temperature low-pressure freon gas, low-temperature low-pressure freon gas was inhaled by the compressor. Indoor air through the evaporator, the release of heat, air temperature drop. So the compression ----- condensation - throttling ---- evaporation repeated cycle, the refrigerant continued to take away the heat of indoor air, thereby reducing the temperature of the room. Heating, through the four-way valve switch, changing the flow direction of the refrigerant, so that the outdoor heat exchanger into an evaporator, absorb the heat of outdoor air, and indoor evaporation has become a condenser, the heat distributed in the room, To achieve the purpose of heating.