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    Transport Refrigeration Units Evaporation Temperature Sep 26, 2017

    Transport Refrigeration Units Evaporation temperature

    Transport refrigeration units in the operation process will have a certain parameter for the user to refer to, can be displayed through the instrument. Can control and observe the various parameters of the transport refrigeration unit at run time, allowing the user to determine whether the transport refrigeration unit operating conditions are good, these parameters on the equipment work economy and security of a great impact on the equipment in the normal range Of the upper and lower limits, the economic and reasonable operation, so as to achieve large cooling capacity, less energy consumption effect, greatly improve the life of chillers.

    1, evaporation temperature and evaporation pressure

    The evaporation temperature of the transport refrigeration unit can be reflected by the evaporation pressure indicated by the pressure gauge mounted on the end of the compressor suction valve. Evaporation temperature and evaporation pressure is determined according to the requirements of the refrigeration system, high can not meet the chiller cooling needs, too low will reduce the cooling capacity of the compressor, the operation of the economy is poor.

    2, condensation temperature and condensation pressure

    The refrigerating temperature of the refrigerant in the transport refrigeration unit can be calculated according to the reading gauge of the pressure gauge on the condenser. The determination of the condensation temperature is related to the temperature of the coolant, the flow rate and the form of the condenser. In general, the refrigerating unit of the transport refrigeration unit is 3-5 ° C higher than the cooling water outlet temperature, which is 10-15 ° C higher than the forced air inlet temperature.

    3, the compressor suction temperature

    The suction temperature of the compressor refers to the temperature of the refrigerant read from the thermometer in front of the compressor suction shutoff valve. In order to ensure the safe operation of the heart of the transport refrigeration unit, to prevent the occurrence of liquid lift phenomenon, the suction temperature is higher than the evaporation temperature. It is appropriate to keep the suction temperature of 15 ° C in the refrigerated refrigerated storage unit of the regenerator, and the superheat degree of suction refrigeration is about 10 ℃.

    4, the compressor exhaust temperature

    The compressor exhaust temperature of the transport refrigeration unit can be read from the thermometer on the exhaust line. It is related to the adiabatic index of the refrigerant, the compression ratio and the suction temperature. The higher the inspiratory temperature, the greater the compression ratio, the higher the exhaust temperature, and vice versa.