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    Transport Refrigeration Units Cooling System Jun 30, 2017

    Transport Refrigeration Units Cooling System

    Compressor is the core of the entire cold storage system, is the blood, is the heart, the entire refrigeration system is a complete cycle of one of the components, the compressor can determine the quality of the whole Cold storage by the insulation library board, cold storage doors, refrigeration units, the library evaporation system, expansion valve, microcomputer temperature control electrical systems and other equipment.

    First, the insulation library board: polyurethane and polypropylene and other cold storage board, insulation board surface plate with stainless steel plate, aluminum, color plate, galvanized sheet and glass steel and so on.

    Second, the refrigeration system commonly used are: by the refrigeration compressor sub-closed unit, the whole closed unit, open the unit; according to the cooling method of sub-air, water, etc .; according to the refrigerant way freon refrigeration, fluorine-free new environmentally friendly refrigerant refrigeration, Ammonia refrigeration and so on.

    Third, the evaporation system: ceiling cooler and tube type.

    Fourth, cold storage temperature control system: a microcomputer and mechanical.

    First, in the cold storage and cold storage design, the function of the refrigerant is mainly through its changes in the state of material to pass heat, it is in the refrigeration system in the continuous circulation, in its evaporation pressure, the liquid refrigeration system can absorb heat evaporation into gas , While under condensing pressure. The gaseous refrigerant emits heat and liquefies, and the heat is transferred in the continuous circulatory system, so the refrigerant is essential in the refrigeration system to transfer heat.

    Second, the refrigerant should have the following properties: Refrigerants should have a good thermal, physical, chemical, environmental and other aspects of the performance, because the ideal refrigerant is not there, but people should try to choose better performance of the refrigerant.

    1, the unit capacity of the cooling capacity should be large, due to the greater capacity of refrigeration, in the requirements of a certain amount of cooling, the refrigerant circulation is smaller, which can reduce the volume of refrigeration equipment.

    2, evaporation pressure and condensation pressure is moderate, that is, at room temperature, should have a lower condensing pressure, and refrigerant evaporation pressure is best close to atmospheric pressure. Even higher than the atmospheric pressure, should be used in atmospheric pressure lower boiling point of the material.

    3, easy to use the general cooling water or air condensation, that is, the critical temperature of the refrigerant to be high.

    4, under normal pressure solidification temperature is low.

    5, requiring the density and viscosity of the refrigerant is small, the refrigerant density can reduce the pipe diameter, but also reduce the power consumption of the compressor.

    6, thermal conductivity, high heat release coefficient, can improve the heat exchange efficiency.

    7, with a more stable chemical properties, at any temperature should not be decomposed or combined, no corrosion on the pipeline, the lubricating oil should not be a chemical reaction, the solubility of lubricating oil should be appropriate. Infinite dissolution can reduce the amount of cooling.

    8, the person should be non-toxic, no stimulation, not easy to burn explosion.

    First, the amount of refrigerant is insufficient (lack of refrigerant in the system)

     There is no shortage of refrigerant charge, there are two main reasons for the lack of refrigerant cycle. At this point, just fill the full amount of refrigerant on it, another reason is the system refrigerant leakage more, to catch up with this situation, should first find the leak, focus on checking the pipeline, the valve connection, Leak parts of the repair, and then filled with sufficient amount of refrigerant.