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    Refrigerated Truck Body Good Insulation Effect Jun 20, 2017

    Refrigerated Truck Body Good insulation effect

    Refrigerated compartment development stage: refrigerated trucks are used to transport frozen or fresh goods of the closed van, is equipped with refrigeration unit refrigeration and polyurethane insulation car for refrigerated transport vehicles, commonly used in the transport of frozen food (frozen Car), dairy products (milk transport vehicles), fruits and vegetables (fresh goods transport vehicles), vaccine drugs (vaccine carriers) and so on.

    (Thermal conductivity) is low, the insulation effect is good. Unsaturated polyester resin as a binder, plus cushion, insulation materials with rigid polyurethane foam, low thermal conductivity, high strength. Plate bonding with high strength, high sealing adhesive, to form a whole. The only drawback is that the loss of polyurethane after cutting is relatively large, so the higher the cost of materials. Especially in the current chemical raw material prices in the case of serious, the production costs of the car is getting higher and higher. This structure of the refrigerated trucks in the domestic and international market dominance, but also China's refrigerated trucks manufacturing enterprises used in the process.

    Refrigerated containers need to ensure a strict seal to reduce the heat exchange with the outside world to ensure that the refrigerator to maintain a low temperature.

    Refrigeration installation of refrigeration equipment and container connectivity and provide a steady stream of refrigeration to ensure that the container temperature within the scope of the goods allowed.

    The general use of refrigerated trucks is not a long time to save the goods, although there are refrigeration equipment, still need to reach the destination faster.

    Insulated refrigerated containers are similar to containers, but are made of materials with better thermal insulation and reduced heat exchange.

    Entire injection of foamed metal skin structure. The first generation of refrigerated trucks manufacturing enterprises are using this process. This product because the envelope has a large number of gold refrigerated trucks are materials, easy to form a large number of cold bridge; the other hand, into the foam insulation layer defects are not easy to find, the inherent quality is not easy to guarantee; Moreover, due to foam Both for insulation materials and binder, easy to produce bond is not strong and other defects, insulation effect is not ideal, leakage rate (lead the second stage heat coefficient) is high.

    The overall injection of foam glass steel structure. In the second and third generation refrigerated trucks manufacturing enterprises are used. This product in the first phase of the product on the basis of a step further, light weight, leakage rate (thermal conductivity) to reduce the insulation effect is better, but there is not strong bond, the car outside the skin easy to bubble and other defects.

    Common refrigerated trucks used inside and outside the main plate are: glass steel plate, color steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum and so on. Color steel and other raw materials easy to make cold insulation envelope, resulting in running cold effect of insulation. Fiberglass is currently the most popular and effective option. Therefore, the need to keep the low temperature do not choose a relatively cheap color plate, and the flow of the temperature is the cost

    Refrigerated cars used commonly used insulation materials are: polyurethane, polystyrene board, extruded panels and so on. The same thickness of polyurethane insulation effect is better than polystyrene board. Polystyrene board to do more cold storage board, but basically are more than 200mm, but because polystyrene board cost lower, and now many owners for low prices are often used. If it is green and green eggs and other requirements on the low temperature is not very high it can be used, but the frozen products do not consider.