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    How To Properly Operate A Refrigerated Vehicle Dec 23, 2016

    1. the van door open: turn the handle on the door, double doors open right door, after reaching the maximum stroke of the cam, and opened the car door;

    2. loading and unloading cargo, hook up the doors and cab side hooks to hang, and in case the door free rotation effect;

    3. the light switch in the boot floor outside the box left rear corner locations. Loading and unloading finished be sure to turn off the lights;

    4. the unexpected emergency alarm switch in the boot, set on the right rear, if someone was locked in a car, you can press the alarm switch alarm;

    5. loading and unloading of goods to gently, no rough handling, smooth goods are to be placed, in case of damage to the car body or evaporator of refrigeration units;

    6. refrigerated truck loading, goods and to leave some space between the Chamber wall, ensure air circulation, stack height shall not exceed the load line of the goods;

    7. the loading and unloading is completed, the door must be closed tight, locking cam mechanism must be in place, clamp, and a good lock. Double doors to close left door;

    8. box body screws, plate and frame joins, check whether the clamp screws loose before each trip, in case the envelope shifts, causing accidents;

    9. split type refrigeration compressor driven by automobile engines, check their status before each trip (such as joins screws are loose, belt tension, etc), ensure that the unit works.