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    Frozen Refrigeration Units Refrigeration Technology Sep 26, 2017

    Frozen Refrigeration Units Refrigeration technology

    With the continuous development of refrigeration technology, refrigeration and refrigeration units have been widely used in commercial and industrial fields. Food processing, agricultural production, commercial retail, petrochemical, biomedical and other industries are closely related to refrigeration technology and refrigeration and refrigeration units, which involves the national economy and people's daily life in all areas, the cooling has formed a run through Chain of all walks of life. First of all, the refrigeration and refrigeration unit for agricultural products and perishable food to provide security, from production, processing, storage, transportation to sales of the various circulation processes are inseparable from the refrigeration unit to provide cold, so that both improve food quality, enhance product economy Value, but also to avoid the corrosion of waste. The entire refrigeration and refrigeration unit market contains many products, such as cold storage, freezer, refrigerated trucks and freezers. In the industrial sector, refrigeration and refrigeration units provide the necessary environmental assurance for industrial production and industrial safety, while refrigeration and refrigeration units also play a key role in petrochemicals, biomedicine and a wide range of manufacturing industries. Refrigeration technology is an indispensable valuable technology of the economy, its application to all walks of life to provide a broader development prospects.

    The refrigerating and refrigerating unit is at a suitable time under a suitable vacuum to reflect and observe whether the air has penetrated the system from the reading of the vacuum gauge to verify the sealing performance of the system. This test must be carried out for a refrigeration system with an evaporative pressure gauge close to or below atmospheric pressure. Vacuum tests usually have the following two methods:

    First, the use of external mechanical vacuum pump vacuum leak test This method is generally used in small cold storage equipment, the specific steps are as follows:

    (1) counterclockwise unscrew the intake stop valve with the channel of the fine screw plug, clockwise rotation of the cut-off stem a few laps, so that the suction valve in the three-way state;

    (2) with a three-way repair valve and vacuum pressure gauge of the soft tube to the vacuum pump and the suction valve on the multi-purpose interface connected;