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    Frozen Refrigeration Units Major Constraints Aug 10, 2017

    Frozen Refrigeration Units Major constraints

    Frozen refrigeration unit manufacturers talk about the refrigeration refrigeration unit industry status quo

    Now the continuous progress of science and technology, the continuous development of the industry. People in life need a lot of products in the use or consumption of the time need to enter the cold storage for preservation. So a lot of time to choose more refrigeration and refrigeration units more. Making the country's cold storage has been a very large growth, leading to the development of the industry too fast, the structure is not very reasonable. So the government needs a better guide.

    From the national point of view, the cold storage type, the proportion of frozen storage more than 50%, while the ultra-low temperature freezer accounted for less than 1%. At the same time, more than 60% of the cold storage of the proportion of the distribution in the eastern region, while the central and western regions accounted for less than the cold storage. In addition, the storage of goods category, fruit and vegetable products accounted for more than 30%, while aquatic products, meat and poultry products accounted for to be improved.

    Since 2010, "agricultural cold chain logistics development plan" since the announcement, China's cold chain logistics park began to rise in the upsurge of investment and construction. However, the domestic cold chain logistics started late, the development of fast, in the construction of the park is still facing a variety of hardware and software bottlenecks.

    On the one hand, the rise of domestic cold chain logistics park construction boom mainly by the introduction of policies to stimulate and promote, and the corresponding hardware facilities are not synchronized development, logistics park construction and operation of the main constraints. Cold chain logistics park construction is to gather multi-resources, enhance the efficiency of cold chain logistics, reduce costs. The lack of basic hardware facilities will inevitably affect the efficiency of the upgrade, making the cold chain logistics park in shape and not to.

    On the other hand, the domestic cold chain logistics park in the soft power is still to be improved. To achieve the whole process of cold chain logistics intensive, efficient operation, mainly on the effective integration of resources and system, scientific control, further constraints of cost, control process. In the actual operation of the system control box, cold chain logistics practitioners also play a great role.

    As a result, refrigeration and refrigeration unit manufacturers feel that the development of refrigeration and refrigeration units also need more time to better ensure the practicality of semi-closed refrigeration compressors, to better determine the semi-closed refrigeration compressor market position, more rational use of half Closed refrigeration compressor. For the community to reduce more unnecessary losses, to create more value.