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    Frozen Refrigeration Units Key Advantages Jun 30, 2017

    Frozen Refrigeration Units Key advantages

    First, the piston chillers

    The main advantages: in the air-conditioning cooling range, the volume efficiency is relatively high; system device is simple, simple timber, can be used in general metal materials, easy processing, lower cost; can use multi-head, tell the multi-cylinder, And other measures to increase capacity and improve performance.

    The main shortcomings: the parts and components, more complex parts, maintenance complex, frequent, high maintenance costs; reciprocating piston reciprocating motion makes the speed increase is limited, vibration, high noise; low compression ratio, single cooling capacity is not , The unit cooling capacity quality indicators; can only achieve the ladder-type energy regulation, partial load adjustment performance is poor.

    Second, the screw chillers

    The main advantages: simple structure, less moving parts, less wearing parts, only the piston chillers 1/10, low failure rate, long life; not sensitive to the wet stroke; volume efficiency, up to high compression ratio, High stability, easy to repair; smooth operation, low vibration, low noise, can be achieved through the slide valve to achieve a high degree of cooling, Level energy regulation; is a positive pressure operation, there is no external gas intrusion corrosion problem;

    The main shortcomings: the first centrifugal chillers, the speed is low, single cooling capacity is small, the noise is high; lubrication system is more complex, large fuel consumption; processing accuracy and assembly accuracy requirements; part of the load, energy regulation Performance is poor, generally should be 60% -100% load range to adjust;

    Third, centrifugal chillers

    The main advantages: high cooling coefficient; impeller speed, compressor air volume, single cooling capacity; structural error, light weight; less wearing parts, reliable, compact, smooth operation, low vibration, low noise ; Unit cooling capacity of small quality indicators; refrigerant is not mixed with lubricating oil, evaporator and condenser heat transfer performance; in a larger load range to achieve stepless energy regulation;

    The main shortcomings: the higher the speed, the material strength, processing accuracy requirements; deviation from the design conditions, the efficiency of a faster decline in the amount of cooling with the evaporative temperature decreases and reduce the rate of faster than the piston chiller; Cooling capacity is fast; centrifugal negative pressure system, outside the gas easily invasive, there are chemical changes, the risk of corrosion of the pipeline; single compressor at low load, prone to surge; small centrifugal chillers total efficiency is lower Piston chillers;

    Fourth, the absorption of chillers

    The main advantages: less moving parts, vibration, low noise; the use of lithium bromide - water quality on the working fluid non-toxic and no damage to the ozone layer; easy processing, in a larger load range to achieve stepless energy regulation; Work in a vacuum, safe and reliable, no explosion hazard; the heat source is not demanding, can use waste heat, waste heat and other low-taste heat source, saving energy;

    The main drawback: the service life is shorter than the compression chiller; the air consumption is large, the thermal efficiency is low; the operation is more complicated; the exhaust heat load of the unit is larger than that of the compressed chillers, and the water quality of the cooling water is higher; the unit is running under vacuum Gas is easy to penetrate, resulting in cooling attenuation, it requires strict sealing, to the manufacture and use of inconvenience; use of lithium bromide - water quality, lithium bromide solution on carbon steel has a strong corrosive, affecting the life and performance of the unit.