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    Frozen Refrigeration Units Installation Precautions May 26, 2017

      Frozen Refrigeration Units Cold storage is mainly used for food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products such as constant temperature storage of air-conditioning equipment, cold storage practice is a low-temperature cold storage is also a kind of refrigeration equipment. Ordinary cold storage by the refrigerator cooling, the use of gasification temperature is very low liquid as a coolant, so that under the conditions of low pressure and mechanical control evaporation, absorption of heat inside the storage, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling cooling. How to install a large cold storage equipment?

      1, ready to work. The preparatory work includes the development of good cold storage plant engineering planning, preparation of construction sites and construction materials. Cold storage construction of the various information is based on customer needs to develop. After the development of a good construction plan, sort out the request of the construction site, all the equipment to the construction site, check the data quality and model, to confirm the correct start after the cold storage.

    2, the device library body. China's current small and medium-sized cold storage is simply assembled with a library of cold storage, large cold storage is more civil cold storage. In accordance with the project planning, assembled or built a cold storage of the library, a good library door. Library requirements flat, tightly strong, no sense of hollow, sealed, moisture, antifreeze, load-bearing, etc. fit the project request; library door to switch sensitive, good sealing.

    3, Frozen Refrigeration Units the installation of refrigeration equipment. Cold storage of the refrigeration system, including the evaporator inside the library and the crew outside the library. Therefore, the equipment should be in accordance with the construction standards, in the position of the request to fit the location of a good device, and the corresponding maintenance measures.

    4, the device electronic control system. Cold storage of the electronic control system, including electric control box, electric doors, indoor lighting and some other electrical equipment. Cold storage power request is stable three-phase four-wire (380v), on demand can be used independent power supply or configuration backup power. The circuit should be discharged reasonable, there are corresponding maintenance measures.

    5, convergence refrigeration system. To use electric wire, brass and so on the cold storage unit, electric control system and other components together, connecting the connection to tightly connected, and a corresponding insulation, maintenance measures.

    6, the installation of other equipment. As the cold storage of goods and the use of different methods, different cold storage will be asked to configure some other equipment, such as humidifiers, shelves, transport belts and other users to facilitate the use of cold storage equipment and equipment.

    7,Frozen Refrigeration Units debugging cold storage. Cold storage of all the components and the device is connected, you can start the cold storage to stop debugging. According to the needs of the cold storage of the value of the adjustment, cold storage can reach the scheduled temperature, cooling rate and cold storage operation is normal, cold storage can be entrusted with the use.