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    Frozen Refrigeration Units Application Of Refrigeration Refrigeration Unit Jul 28, 2017

    Frozen Refrigeration Units Application of refrigeration refrigeration unit

    Application of refrigeration refrigeration unit

    In recent years, with China's accession to the WTO, manufacturing has entered a golden age, while the market competition for product quality requirements have also increased to a greater extent. In fact, in the process of improving the product, manufacturers often overlooked a subtle and important factors. In the production process, due to mechanical, mold and industrial reaction continue to produce heat, when the temperature exceeds the material to bear the degree of product quality is not stable to plastic products and electroplating production as an example of plastic products in the production of cooling time accounted for more than 80% , The importance of reducing the cooling time It can be seen, chilled water can absorb heat in a timely manner, so that the mold cavity temperature quickly reduced to accelerate product stereotypes, shorten the surface. Electroplating production, chilled water can reduce the temperature of the plating solution, and the temperature constant in a certain range, so that metal molecules with a stable current quickly attached to the plating surface, the product smooth and increased density.

          Mainly used for chemical reactor (chemical heat exchanger) cooling cooling, in a timely manner due to chemical reactions generated by the huge heat to achieve cooling (cooling) purposes, to improve product quality.

          2. Plastic products, plastic containers, food packaging film, medical packaging film manufacturing industry

          ① plastic products (televisions, computers, washing machines, mobile phones, refrigerators, air conditioners, plastic toys, automotive plastic parts, etc.) in the injection molding process, whether the timely and effective cooling (cooling), will directly affect the appearance of the product finish and shape Pass rate, thus affecting the production efficiency, affecting production costs and corporate profits.

          ② plastic containers (blowing) and packaging film production, the more inseparable from the chiller (ice machine). Plastic containers in the production process, such as can not be timely cooling stereotypes, the production of the container will be full, uneven wall thickness, color is not bright, or even unable to shape, resulting in lower product quality. Packaging film production without cold water (wind) cooling molding can not produce qualified products. Such as the use of cold water (ice machine) to provide cold water (wind) to cool, not only can greatly improve product quality, but also improve production efficiency.

          3. Electroplating solution, hydraulic oil and machine tool cutting tool coolant cooling

          ① electroplating production, the plating solution in the plating reaction does not produce heat, so that the plating solution temperature gradually increased, when the plating solution temperature higher than the process requirements, the production of electroplating products on the surface coating firmness, uniform Degree, flatness and surface finish have a greater impact. And choose to use chillers (ice water machine) to provide frozen water to cool and maintain the plating solution temperature, the plating process and production efficiency will be greatly improved.

          ② machine tool cutting tool coolant cooling, tool blade temperature control will directly affect the tool life and product quality.

          4. Pharmaceutical Industry

          The pharmaceutical industry is mainly used for the production of plant temperature and humidity control and production of raw materials in the process of reaction heat out.

          5. it

          In the production process of electronic components in the need to keep the components at a specific temperature or cooling, electronic components of the performance parameters can be controlled in the design of the state.