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    Fresh Refrigeration Units Use Range Sep 26, 2017

    Fresh Refrigeration Units Use range

    Domestic fresh refrigeration unit is mainly used to help enterprises to reduce the ambient temperature, in the use of different brands and production quality of chillers have different performance, due to many domestic refrigeration plant production of various types of chillers equipment differences, Therefore, according to the actual use of demand, select the appropriate chiller, for the protection of the normal operation of enterprises play a vital role.

    Different chillers specific performance

    1, air-cooled chiller

    As the air-cooled chiller does not need any help from the cooling tower, so the domestic refrigeration plant for air-cooled chiller production technology requirements are relatively high, lost and less water resources in the region, choose high-quality air-cooled chiller Very good, to achieve the purpose of saving water, while high-quality air-cooled chiller with high-quality low-noise motor design, even after a long period of operation, the same will not be any adverse reactions in order to protect the air-cooled chiller run.

    2, water-cooled chiller

    As the name suggests, water-cooled chillers need to use a wealth of water, in the daily use of the process, due to the importance of water, water-cooled chillers are fully automatic control, configuration of high-quality temperature controller, to meet the daily business Environmental demand, due to the use of water as the basis of the cooling method, so the operation is more stable, to meet the production needs of different enterprises, suitable for long-term use.

    Comprehensive performance of chiller equipment

    Domestic refrigeration plant production of various types of high-quality chiller, to meet the needs of different environments, due to the higher stability of the work of the chiller, to meet the different areas for the use of industrial chillers, especially for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets And so on the use of the environment, the effect is very good, while all kinds of food preservation areas and large cold storage, need to configure high-quality chiller equipment, chiller equipment has become an integral part of the successful completion of production tasks to lay a solid foundation, Low temperature environment reliability.

    Different types of industrial chiller equipment, to meet the scope of use of different enterprises, due to the domestic chiller equipment production in a faster pace of development, with the technology constantly updated, the future will appear more types of chiller equipment to meet The overall needs of the market, to achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency.