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    Fresh Refrigeration Units The Refrigerant Circulates In The System Aug 10, 2017

    Fresh Refrigeration Units The refrigerant circulates in the system

    Now, the summer is getting hotter, no air conditioning, the refrigerator really can not live in the industry is also, so hot weather also need mechanical processing, how can these refrigeration equipment can do it? Fresh refrigeration unit group manufacturers for you.

           Food machinery refers to the processing of food raw materials into food (or semi-finished products) used in the process of mechanical equipment and devices. The fresh refrigeration unit transfers the heat of the cooled object with a lower temperature to the ambient medium to obtain a cooling machine. The heat transferred from the lower temperature object is known as the cooling capacity. Fresh refrigerant units involved in the thermal process changes (energy conversion and heat transfer) of the refrigerant called refrigerant. Refrigeration temperature range is usually above 120K, 120K below the case of deep low temperature technology. Fresh refrigeration units are widely used in industrial and agricultural production and daily life.

         Fresh refrigeration units can be divided into: compressed fresh refrigeration units, absorption of fresh refrigeration units, steam jet fresh refrigeration units, semiconductor refrigeration. One of the steam compression type fresh refrigeration units (piston, rotary, screw, centrifugal), absorption of fresh refrigeration units and steam jet fresh refrigeration units are more widely used. At present, China in addition to a small number of special cooling and special purpose refrigerators, the general purpose of the piston, centrifugal, screw, scroll, lithium bromide absorption, steam jet fresh refrigeration units, and frozen, frozen, low temperature test And other equipment can make their own.

           Fresh refrigeration units can be very good is the rapid cooling, no need to wait, and the focus is very energy efficient, semi-closed refrigeration compressors, cold storage equipment prices are also very affordable, worth your purchase, summer is no longer hot.

      The natural replacement cycle. There are four seasons of the points. Every season of the weather or has a very obvious characteristics. Such as winter cold, summer hot. A lot of food and people can not tolerate the summer heat, there will be deterioration or rotten and so on. So a lot of time we will need to use semi-enclosed refrigeration compressors. Today, we are talking about semi-closed refrigeration compressor function.

    Refrigeration compressor function:

    The refrigeration compressor is the "heart" of the refrigeration system, which absorbs the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator, increases the pressure and exhausts it to the condenser, allowing the refrigerant to circulate in the system. Can be used in refrigeration systems and heat pump systems

    Refrigeration and heat pump systems:

    The same point: the low temperature of the heat discharged to high temperature, while consuming energy.