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    Fresh Refrigeration Units Temperature Range Sep 04, 2017

    Fresh Refrigeration Units Temperature range

    Fresh refrigeration unit (refrigerating machine) will have lower temperature by cooling object amount of heat transferred to the environment medium to get cold machine. The heat transfer from a lower temperature object is called a cold quantity. The working quality of fresh refrigeration units in thermal process change (energy conversion and heat transfer) is called refrigerant. The temperature range of refrigeration is usually above 120K, and 120K is under the low-temperature technology of the subordinate. Fresh refrigeration units are widely used in industrial and agricultural production and daily life.

    Fresh refrigerating unit can be divided according to working principle.

    A compression fresh unit of refrigeration. Rely on compressor to improve the effect of the pressure of the refrigerant in order to realize the refrigeration cycle, according to the types of refrigerants and can be divided into fresh steam compression type refrigeration units (based on the hydraulic evaporative cooling, refrigerant to happen periodically gas - liquid phase change) and fresh gas compression type refrigeration unit (on the basis of high pressure gas expansion refrigeration, remain the state of the gas refrigerant) two kinds. Unit of absorption fresh refrigeration unit. It can be divided into three types: ammonia absorption, lithium bromide absorption and absorption diffusion. Steam jet fresh refrigerating unit. The refrigeration cycle depends on the action of the steam ejector (jet compressor). A semiconductor refrigerator. The heat - electric effect of semiconductor is used to make cooling. Fresh main performance indexes are working temperature of the refrigeration unit (for fresh steam compression type refrigeration unit for the evaporation temperature and condensation temperature, the gas compression type refrigeration units and fresh semiconductor refrigeration device for cold temperature and the temperature of the cooling medium of objects), refrigerating capacity (fresh refrigeration unit per unit time of heat from the cooling object removed), power or heat consumption, refrigeration coefficient (measure of compression type refrigeration unit fresh economy refers to the consumption of the unit work can get cold quantity) and the coefficient of heat (measure absorption and steam jet refrigeration unit fresh economic indicators, refers to the consumption of the unit heat can get cold quantity), etc. Modern fresh refrigeration units are widely used in steam compression fresh refrigeration units.

    An air conditioner is room air conditioner, a unit that provides air handling to rooms (or enclosed Spaces, areas). Its function is in the room (or enclosed space, region) of air temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and adjusted by the parameters such as air flow rate, to meet the demand of the human body comfort or process.