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    Fresh Refrigeration Units Radiator Installation Location Jun 20, 2017

    Fresh Refrigeration Units Radiator installation location

    Cold storage

    Cold storage unit is mainly composed of refrigeration compressors, condensers, chillers, solenoid valve four main components, with oil separator, storage barrels, depending on the oil mirror, diaphragm-type hand valve return filter and other components The Common malfunctions

    1, the cooling unit exhaust temperature is high, the cooler coolant level is too low, the oil cooler dirty, oil filter core blockage, temperature control valve failure, oil off the solenoid valve is not available or coil damage, oil valve Chip rupture or aging, fan motor failure, cooling fan damage, exhaust pipe is not smooth or exhaust resistance, the ambient temperature exceeds the specified range, the temperature sensor failure, pressure gauge is faulty.

    2, the cooling unit pressure is low, the actual gas consumption is greater than the cooling unit output gas volume, vent valve failure, intake valve failure, hydraulic cylinder failure, load solenoid valve failure, the minimum pressure valve stuck, the user pipe network leak, Low, force sensor failure, pressure gauge failure, pressure switch failure, pressure sensor or pressure gauge input hose leak.

    3, the cooling unit fuel consumption or compressed air oil content, the cooling dose is too much, the correct location should be observed when the cooling unit loading, this time the oil level should not be higher than half, return pipe clogging; return pipe installation does not meet the requirements , The cooling unit is running when the exhaust pressure is too low, the oil separation core rupture, separation cylinder internal partition damage, refrigeration unit oil spill, coolant deterioration or overdue use.

    4, the exhaust unit exhaust pressure is too high, the intake valve failure, hydraulic cylinder failure, load solenoid valve failure, the pressure setting is too high, the pressure sensor failure, pressure gauge failure, pressure switch failure.

    6, the cooling unit can not start, the fuse is broken, the temperature switch is bad, the wiring is loose, the main motor thermal relay action, the fan motor thermal relay action, the transformer is bad, no power input, the failure is not eliminated, the controller breakdown.

    7, fan motor overload, fan deformation, fan motor failure, fan motor thermal relay failure, loose wiring, cooler block, exhaust resistance.

    8, the cooling unit starts when the current is large or trip, the user air switch problem, the input voltage is too low, the hydraulic cylinder failure, intake valve failure, loose wiring, host failure, the main motor failure, 1TR time relay bad.

    1, cold storage compressor from the evaporator closer, the main easy to repair, better heat dissipation, such as the installation of outdoor to pay attention to rain, the host four corners need to place shock pads, the level of installation is firm, pay attention to safety is not easy to be encountered.

    2, the radiator installation of the radiator installation location closer to the host the better, the best in the host side of the upper, radiator installation with the best cooling environment, suction can not be against other equipment outlet, especially oily gas, the outlet Can not short circuit and the other side of the window and equipment, from the ground should be 2 meters high, the installation level firm.