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    Fresh Refrigeration Units Frozen Equipment Industry Jun 30, 2017

    Fresh Refrigeration Units Frozen equipment industry

    Analysis on the Development of International Frozen Equipment Industry

    Foreign frozen food and quick-frozen equipment development so far nearly 70 years of history. Originally the first 1928 originated in the United States, began production slow development until the Second World War after the American scientists system studied the frozen food and refrigeration theory, proposed -18 ℃ for the appropriate refrigeration temperature, and by the frozen food industry recognized. This standard is not only the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries into the frozen food laws, but also by the International Food Standards Committee to write frozen food regulations. Internationally recognized, when the frozen food center temperature quickly reached -18 ℃, and in this low temperature stable and continuous cold storage, to maximize the food to maintain the original color, smell, taste and quality. Frozen food is one of the fastest growing food industries in the world today. At present, the growth rate of frozen food in the world is between 8% and 10%. The United States is the country with the highest yield of frozen food and the highest variety of fruit and the highest per capita consumption of frozen food The

    Foreign frozen food industry development thanks to the rapid development of quick-frozen equipment and its complete supporting facilities. Its most important feature is the variety of specifications complete, high degree of automation, processing capacity. There are only two kinds of quick-frozen machine, Japan, Japan and other countries, from intermittent to continuous, from blowing to dipping, spray, from a variety of food with a quick-frozen equipment to a certain kind of food Characteristics, design and manufacture of special quick-frozen equipment.

    Today, the world's annual output of frozen food has more than 100 million tons, more than 3,500 varieties, and it is predicted that the next 10 years, the world's frozen food consumption will account for more than 60% of all food, in order to drive the global frozen equipment market capacity Rapid expansion. At present, the world's largest market for quick-frozen equipment is the Asian market, the Asian market is the world's fastest growing and most development potential Frozen food consumption production concentration, the demand for frozen equipment market is complete, the market demand to occupy the global total of 39% Followed by the North American market, the market is about 26% of the global scale, North America is the world's most mature frozen equipment market, mostly high-end products.

    (I) Asian markets

    Southeast Asia and South Asia are the world's leading seafood origin and processing center, there is a huge demand for quick-frozen equipment. At the same time Asia is a developing country, large population base, quick-frozen food processing enterprises and large scale. Is the world's largest frozen food and quick-frozen equipment market, but also the development speed and potential of the largest market, quick-frozen equipment market size accounts for about 39% of global market share. Asian market for quick-frozen equipment, high-end low-end customers have. Domestic and Europe and the United States have a certain market share of quick-frozen equipment.

    At present the world's major suppliers of quick-frozen equipment are: Nantong Quartet, Dalian iceberg, Yantai ice wheel, Sweden Frigoscandia, Canada Aero, Iceland Marel.

    (B) the European market

    European residents are spending more on frozen food. But the European quick-frozen food processing is relatively scattered, small-scale processing, high cost. Frozen seafood mainly in the import-oriented, frozen meat, conditioning food mainly in the relatively low cost of Eastern Europe. European market demand for quick-frozen equipment is not large, quick-frozen equipment market size accounts for about 9% of global market share. But its equipment quality and technological content requirements, quick-frozen equipment manufacturers mainly from Europe and the United States manufacturers, domestic quick-frozen equipment in the European market share is low.

    The main suppliers of quick-frozen equipment are: Canada Aero, Iceland Marel, Canada Advanced Freezing, Sweden Frigoscandia.