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    Fresh Refrigeration Units Development Of Refrigeration Unit Industry Jul 12, 2017

    Fresh Refrigeration Units Development of refrigeration unit industry

    Refrigerating truck manufacturers to interpret the domestic refrigerated trucks with refrigeration industry development.

     In recent years, with the development of China's economy, people's living standards continue to improve, the people's demand for fresh food more and more urgent. At present, China's meat with an annual output of 30 million t, nearly 20 million t eggs, milk for 600 million t, fruit nearly 61 million t. In recent years, the consumption of frozen and frozen food has also increased rapidly, frozen frozen food production increased by about 10% per year, of which the largest market share, the most rapid development of frozen meat products and fish, frozen meat in China has accounted for per capita consumption of meat Of 10% to 15%. These perishable foods need refrigerated transport. These perishable food, China's refrigerated transport of more than 15%, developed countries up to 80% or more. According to our survey, at present, China has more than 20 Chinese and foreign enterprises engaged in refrigeration car refrigeration unit production, mainly Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MITSUBISHI), cold king (Thermo King), Carrier (carrier), the production of refrigeration equipment, ), Denso, large frozen and other multinational companies in China to invest in production enterprises and Jin of technology, due to technical reasons, high-end products for the import brand-led, mostly local enterprises to produce non-independent refrigeration units.

    1, the market size is small, highly competitive

    In recent years, the domestic market demand for automotive refrigeration units did not like the experts as predicted by the rapid growth of several major manufacturers of refrigeration units in the domestic sales did not change much. Total demand is maintained between 3000 and 4000 units. However, more than 3,000 units, more than 20 enterprises to do, the degree of competition can be imagined. Refrigerated truck unit production and sales manufacturers said that the past few years, the United States has begun to develop large cold king market for the Chinese market products, and the introduction of economic products. US Carrier, because it has been by imports, so its market competitive advantage is getting lower and lower, so from 2005 onwards, but also had to start in the domestic production, in order to improve the future competitive advantage. In the next three to five years, the refrigeration unit competition will be more intense, the price war will become the inevitable development of the market.

    2, product quality uneven

    As there is no refrigeration unit industry standards, product quality uneven. Transport refrigeration unit production and sales manufacturers pointed out that imitation, modified goods filled with the entire refrigeration unit market, which not only restricts the development of formal enterprises, but also delayed China's refrigerated trucks with refrigeration industry development speed. Refrigeration unit brand from the beginning of the two imports (US cold king and Carrier), a domestic (Han Shui card) three brands, the development of the current 7-8 imported brands, nearly 20 domestic brands.

    3, import brand-led high-end products market

     In 2006, Mitsubishi, Leng Wang, Carrier, and other imported brands control 90% of the independent refrigeration unit market. Although domestic enterprises have strong technology, Guangzhou Lean and other six companies have independent refrigeration unit production capacity, but the product quality than imported brands there are still some gaps. Car refrigeration units production and sales manufacturers said the vehicle refrigeration units are usually divided into two categories: one is an independent unit, that is, with their own engine unit; the other is a non-independent unit, that is, the compressor is directly driven by the car chassis engine The As the manufacture of independent units more difficult, high technical content, the import brand has been leading independent refrigeration unit market. , Must be preloaded or preheated before loading, must be pre-cooled or preheated for about 1.5 hours before loading. Shanghai transport refrigeration unit said that because the vehicle parked in the open air, usually the compartment temperature is the temperature of the external environment, in general, the temperature of the goods shipped can not be the ambient temperature, yes, then there is no need for refrigerated trucks. The cargo will be loaded into the compartment, the ambient temperature inside the carriage will affect the temperature of the delivery of the goods, resulting in changes in the quality of the goods shipped, so the preload must be preloaded to the necessary temperature.