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    Performance of the refrigerated truck fiberglass Dec 23, 2016

    1. insulation: insulating refrigerated vehicles combined light weight, deformation, sheet internal space, refrigeration insulation performance.

    2. the watertightness: vehicle manufacturers composite exterior fiberglass panels with watertightness, rigid polyurethane foam closed cell ratio, excellent water resistance.

    3. ease of installation: uses the high strength aluminum and composite panel assembling insulating refrigerated vehicles, installation simple and quick, insulating refrigerated vehicles assembled in seamless smooth surface, surface finish, beautiful and durable.

    4. corrosion resistance: FRP outer surface of the veneer used black gel coat, composite panels with smooth surface, easy to clean, dirt can be easily removed, the entire panel color.

    5. ease of repair: repair of very convenient composite insulating refrigerated vehicles manufacturers, and after treatment had no significant marks, compared with stainless steel, aluminum alloy material, made of FRP refrigerated truck prices slightly cheaper.