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    Classification of refrigerated vehicles Dec 23, 2016

    Classified by chassis manufacturer: Dongfeng vehicle, Changan refrigerated trucks, jiangling, Qingling refrigerated vehicles, Fukuda refrigerated of refrigerated trucks, Jac refrigerator car

    Classified by chassis carrying capacity: micro-refrigerator car, small refrigerator, medium refrigerator car, large refrigerated trucks

    According to car type category: bread-refrigerated trucks, vans refrigerated trucks, semitrailer refrigerated vehicles

    Classified by use: cold storage vehicles, medicines refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vegetables and fruits, meat refrigerated vehicles, dangerous goods refrigerator car

    According to the length of the cargo compartment classification: 3 m refrigerated truck, 4.2 meter refrigerated trucks, 5.1 meter refrigerated trucks 5.8 meter refrigerated trucks 6.1 meter refrigerated vehicles, 6.8 m refrigerated trucks 7.5 meter refrigerated vehicles, 8.5 meter refrigerated vehicles, 9.6 m refrigerated trucks, 10 meter refrigerated vehicles, 12 meter refrigerated vehicles, 13 m refrigerator car, 17 m cold cars